MultiConnect® rCell 600 Series

Private LTE OnGo CBRS Cat 12 Cellular Router (MTR6 Series)

The MultiConnect® rCell 600 Series cellular router offers intelligent software and flexible industrial hardware interfaces to provide highly reliable, redundant and secure connections for high-throughput enterprise assets and SCADA applications. With LTE Cat 12 OnGo CBRS (Citizens Broad Band Radio) shared wireless spectrum, the MultiConnect rCell 600 Series is perfect to enable Field Area Networks (FAN) with high-speed access to the internet without compromising performance or interfering with existing wireless networks. Dual-SIM card, data storage and seamless power failover capabilities add an extra layer of confidence when maintaining operations that require continuity of service in environments where system disruption is not an option.

DeviceHQ®, built into your MultiConnect rCell purchase, includes remote provisioning, Over-The-Air network diagnostics and firmware updates so you can securely deploy, manage and scale your solution fast.

  • Simple, low-cost connectivity solution for dedicated private networks, neutral host networks, and fixed wireless networks
  • FCC Part 96 authorized end-user device for Band 48 OnGo CBRS networks
  • Approved interoperability with CBRS infrastructure vendors



  • Cloud-based device management platform for Over-The-Air network diagnostics and configuration at no extra cost
  • Lowest total cost of ownership


  • 4G-LTE Category 12
  • Dual-SIM LTE module with failover
  • Wi-Fi Compliance IEEE802.11n/ac 2T2R, Multiple (8) SSIDs for privilege group devices or users
  • 4 Ethernet LAN ports
  • RS232/RS485 interface for Modbus RTU serial comms
  • Multi-mode data logging and storage for SCADA telemetry
  • Ruggedized chassis

MultiConnect® rCell 600 Series Product Listing


Private LTE OnGo CBRS Industrial Cellular Router


Private LTE OnGo CBRS Cat 12 Industrial Cellular Router with US Accessory Kit US

Private LTE OnGo CBRS Cat 12 Industrial Cellular Router with US Accessory Kit

Accessory Kit includes power supply with US power blade, two cellular antennas, two Wi-Fi antennas, mounting brackets, DIN rail clip, and Ethernet cable.




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