MultiTech Conduit® 300 Series

IoT Programmable Gateway (MTCDT3AC Series)

MultiTech Conduit® 300 Series programmable gateway features mPower™ Edge Intelligence enables streamlined edge-to-cloud orchestration, management and analytics together with a high performance, secure processor to support Dockers and containers for easy programmability and built-in compatibility with leading IoT software platforms. Moreover, mPower Edge Intelligence incorporates a host of security features including signed firmware validation, enhanced firewall and VPN settings, secure authentication and more.

The Conduit 300 gateway features the flexibility to be used as a programmable gateway with Ethernet or cellular data backhaul and can also include LoRaWAN mCards capable of supporting thousands of MultiTech mDot and xDot long range RF modules connected to remote sensors and appliances. The additional wired connectivity options and flexible mounting options allow the gateway to be customized for any IIOT application.


  • High security hardware
  • Protect thousands of end devices with highly secure programmable gateway
  • Simplified and streamlined edge-to-cloud management and analytics
  • Simultaneous communication between gateway and endpoints
  • Approved for use with global LoRa channel plans
  • Cost effectively determine the location of remote assets
  • Easy to deploy, multiple backhaul options available
  • Multiple power options support different use cases and applications


  • High-performance, secure processor supports industrial-grade IoT applications
  • Secure boot, debug security, trusted execution environment, signed firmware validation, enhanced firewall and VPN settings
  • Optional MultiTech mCard Gateway Accessory Cards support 868 MHz and 915 MHz LoRa frequency bands and other wired interfaces
  • GNSS module for LoRaWAN packet time-stamping and geolocation
  • Ethernet backhaul with optional 4G-LTE cellular and Wi-Fi options
  • POE and DC power options available

MultiTech Conduit® 300 Series Product Listing

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