MultiTech mDot™ Developer Kit

LoRa USB Dongle Developer Kit (MTMDK Series)

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The mDotTM Developer Kit allows customers to plug in the mDot module and use it for testing, programming and evaluation. This long range, low power developer kit is designed for use with MultiTech’s MultiTech mDot RF modules. Additionally, this Lora module developer kit includes an antenna and USB cable.

Create New Applications Efficiently

The MultiTech mDot family of devices make it easy to write and compile applications quickly. All that’s required to start testing an application is the mDot development kit, a laptop and a MultiTech mDot. Using these devices, developers can leverage the Arm Mbed Platform, allowing for intelligence at the edge of decentralized applications. Test, program and evaluate your program without the constraints that typically arise in a development cycle.

All mDot family Devices:

  • Integrate security features
  • Support bi-directional data communication
  • Provide deep in-building penetration
  • Help to cut material costs
  • Simplify development

MultiTech mDot™ Developer Kit Product Listing

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