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MultiModem® ZDX

Get the highest-speed dial-up for integrated data and fax communications for the PC market and UNIX, medical and retail point of sale (POS) applications. (MT5656ZDX Series) Learn more.

  • Access the Internet at the fastest dial-up speeds
  • Improves data throughput rates
  • Small footprint and stackable design
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SocketModem® (MTxxxx-SMI Series) embedded analog data modem integrates data/fax at high speed over a standard telephone line. Small size allows OEMs to integrate in any product platform.

  • High-speed data over standard phone line
  • Easy integration and migration to future networks
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SocketModem® IP

SocketModem® IP (MTxxxxSMI-IP Series) intelligent modem creates Internet-ready devices. Universal IP enables web connectivity without PC or gateway server connections.

  • Easy integration and migration to future networks
  • Enhanced M2M functionality, including automatic/persistent connectivity
  • Send and receive data over the Internet without a PC or gateway server connection